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The HT0706 premium offset pivot, with finished washer HT2511, incorporates both concealed pins as well as thrust and needle bearings for state-of-the-art design and functionality. The ½” gauge D4-B3 offset pivot configuration (pictured) is suitable for heavy-weight doors and is jamb-mounted. Alternative configurations, washer designs, and lighter, 3/8” gauge hinge members are available. For doors 8’ tall and over, an additional intermediate hinge set is often recommended to prevent door warping. Required information to specify offset pivot hinges includes door thickness, weight, height, as well as the door-jamb detail.

Contact H. Theophile for a complete selection of offset pivot hinge configurations, several of which are shown here.

Available in all finishes.

H Theophile Diagram HT0706-HT2511.jpg